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Columbus, Ohio


Ohio State University


Personal Finance, Investing, Social Services


  • Has worked as a fact-checker at Investopedia since 2020
  • Experience as?a freelance copy editor and transcriptionist?
  • Worked as a library professional in a large public library system


As a student at OSU, Amanda studied professional writing, technical writing, and writing for nonprofit organizations. She later focused on library service, but discovered her?interest in editing when she started working as a transcriptionist, editing ASR-generated transcripts. In 2018, Amanda volunteered for Distributed Proofreaders and proofread a cooking blog. At the end of 2019, Amanda became a copy editor, helping to transcribe 19th- and 20th-century documents.

Since 2020, Amanda has worked as a finance fact-checker, using her research and editing skills to ensure the accuracy of Investopedia content.


Amanda earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Ohio State University.?

Quote from Amanda Jackson

I love the idea of helping people learn about finance. It's something I've always had an interest in, and I think Investopedia is a great resource.