GM Registers to Make Formula 1 Race Car Power Units and Shares Climb

General Motors

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Key Takeaways

  • GM said it formally registered with the governing body of Formula 1 racing to be a power unit manufacturer starting in the 2028 season.
  • The carmaker indicated the work to develop and test F1 power units will help it in other areas of its business.
  • GM teamed with Mario Andretti's Andretti Global to create the Andretti Cadillac, and Formula 1 officials approved the racing firm's application to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship.

General Motors (GM) said it formally registered with the governing body of Formula 1 (F1) racing, the FIA, to be an F1 power unit manufacturer beginning in the 2028 season.

GM explained that its development and testing of prototype technology is already underway. It added the work will advance its expertise in such areas as electrification, hybrid technology, sustainable fuels, high efficiency internal combustion engines, advanced controls, and software systems.

The carmaker had announced earlier this year in January that it was teaming up with racing legend Mario Andretti’s Andretti Global to have a Cadillac car compete in the FIA Formula One World Championship.?

Last month, the FIA gave its approval to Andretti’s Expression of Interest application for the Andretti Cadillac to be in the race. GM President Mark Reuss explained the Andretti Cadillac will have a GM power unit.?

Shares of GM rose close to 5% on Tuesday, but remained lower for the year.



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