Starbucks Union Workers Call for Strike on Red Cup Day This Thursday

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  • Starbucks union workers called for a walkout on Red Cup Day this Thursday.
  • Red Cup Day is one of the coffee chain's biggest promotional events of the season.
  • Starbucks reportedly claimed the union has not met to negotiate for over four months.

Starbucks (SBUX) union workers are calling for a walkout at Starbucks stores on "Red Cup Day" this Thursday, one of the chain's biggest promotional events of the season.

Workers said the annual event, in which Starbucks hands out free, reusable, holiday-themed cups with coffee purchases, can be one of the hardest days of the year for staff with a jump in order volumes.

Staffing levels and inconsistent schedules represent two of the workers' main grievances. Other core demands include better pay and benefits, a safe and respectful working environment, and the right to organize.

Starbucks reportedly said it is aware that union members are planning a strike, and claimed the union has not agreed to meet to negotiate in over four months.

Unionized Starbucks workers went on strike during last year's Red Cup Day as well, and this year, the union is calling on customers and allies to walk out in solidarity. Over 360 Starbucks stores are unionized, with more than 9,000 union partners, according to the union's website.

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