Stocks are fractional pieces of publicly traded companies. If you own a company's stock, you own a piece of that company. Learn everything you need to know about these building blocks of investing.
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Best Day Trading Courses in 2022
Apple's 5 Most Profitable Lines of Business
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Investing in Index Funds: What You Need to Know
What are LUPA Stocks?
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Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR)
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What Is Common Stock?
Preferred vs. Common Stock: What's the Difference?
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What Is a CUSIP Number?
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Floating Stock Definition and Example
The S&P 500 Index
Stock Charts and Prices on Sidewalk
What Is the Average Annual Return for the S&P 500?
Is the Stock Market Efficient?
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Investing with Cyclical Stocks
Preference Shares: Advantages and Disadvantages
Hand of a Stockbroker Buying and Selling Shares Online
Issued Share Capital vs. Subscribed Share Capital: What's the Difference?
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What Are the Listing Requirements for the NASDAQ?
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Understanding Small Cap and Big Cap Stocks
Adjusted Closing Price Definition
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What Is the Basic Materials Sector?
Clientele Effect Occurs After Changes to Taxes, Policy or Dividends
Depositary Receipt: What Everyone Should Know
What Is Dual Class Stock?
Mid-Cap Definition
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Preference Shares Definition
Share Turnover
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Understanding the Theoretical Ex-Rights Price After a New Issue
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Cyclical vs. Non-Cyclical Stocks: What's the Difference?
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Restricted Shares vs. Stock Options: What's the Difference?
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What's the Most Expensive Stock of All Time?
What Is a Back Stop?
Bearer Share
What Is the CANSLIM Investing Strategy?
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What Is the Definition of a Fractional Share?
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October Effect
How to Get Access to the Shareholder Register
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The Benefits and Risks of Tracking Stocks
Porter's 5 Forces on Under Armour
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Why October Is the Month of Market Crashes
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Why Companies Call Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM)
Buying Stocks Instead of Bonds: Pros and Cons
How to Build An Effective Watchlist
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How a Buy-In Can Occur—And What It Means to Investors
How to Invest in the Nikkei 225
Cheap Stock Definition
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Investing $100 a Month in Stocks for 20 Years
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What Is a Pure Play?
Does a Stock Dividend Dilute the Price Per Share as Would a Forward Stock Split?
Business Planning
Companies that Benefit from Natural Disasters
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Here's How Convertible Preferred Shares Work
What Company Guidance Tells Investors
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What Is a Stock Ticker?
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Bond Equity Earnings Yield Ratio (BEER)
Proxy Voting Gives Fund Shareholders a Say
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How AT&T Makes Money: Communications Segment Drives Revenue Growth
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Follow-on Offering (FPO)
How the Variable Ratio Write Option Strategy Works