Half of CEOs Say Most of Their Role Could Be Replaced by AI, Survey Finds

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Key Takeaways

  • Almost half of CEOs surveyed by edX said their jobs could be completely automated or replaced by AI.
  • Only 20% of employees said the same of their positions.
  • Almost half of executives said they don't believe their employees are prepared for the future of work.

Almost half of CEOs surveyed by edX said most or all of their jobs could be completely automated or replaced by artificial intelligence (AI).

The survey by 2U-owned (TWOU) online learning platform edX and research agency Workplace Intelligence found 49% of CEOs felt their work could be automated or done by AI. However, just 20% of employees said AI could do most or all of their jobs.

Executives also anticipate that about half of the skills that exist in their workforce today won’t be relevant in 2025, and 47% said they believe their employees are unprepared for the future of work. A large majority (87%) noted that they are having a hard time finding talent with AI skills, and 77% added that AI is disrupting their business strategies.

edX's Andy Morgan, head of the firm's edX for Business unit, explained that with more companies “moving full speed ahead toward an AI-driven workplace, leaders are faced with an important decision: Embrace AI or be left behind.”

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