The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful of Spain's Economy in 2023

Episode 126 of the Investopedia Express with Caleb Silver (February 27, 2023)

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The Express visits Barcelona, Spain for a deep dive into the culture and the economic underpinnings of this European gem. Angel Talavera of Oxford Economics helps us understand Spain's economy, and where this country is headed over the next few years. Plus, investor sentiment is down steeply as U.S. markets are coming off their worst week of the year. Why investors need to reset their expectations ahora mismo.

Meet Angel Talavera

Angel Talavera, Oxford Economics

Angel Talavera / LinkedIn

Angel Talavera is an international economist for Oxford Economics who specializes in macroeconomic analysis and forecasting. He is a native of Catalonia and an expert on the Spanish economy.

What's in This Episode?

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Term of the Week: Terminal Value

This week's term comes to us from Janine who hit us up on Instagram. Jbird suggests 'terminal value' this week, and we like that term because in today's environment of slowing earnings growth, terminal value is a smart way of assessing the future value of a company—any company.

According to Investopedia, terminal value is the value of an asset, business, or project beyond the forecasted period when future cash flows can be estimated. Terminal value assumes a business will grow at a set growth rate forever after the forecast period. Terminal value often comprises a large percentage of the total assessed value.

Thanks Janine for helping make us a little smarter this week!

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