The Driving Forces Pushing Financial Literacy into America's Public Schools

Episode 162 of the Investopedia Express with Caleb Silver (November 13, 2023)

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Alice Morgan / Investopedia

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While most people agree that teaching financial literacy in high school is the right thing to do, only 23 states require at least one semester of financial education or personal finance curriculum in order to graduate. But progress is being made, and the path is being forged by leaders like Tim Ranzetta of Next Gen Personal Finance, and public school teachers across the country. Get to know a few of them and how they are delivering personal finance education into their classrooms.

Plus, the stock market is doing its "November" thing, again, but only a few stocks are carrying the load. That's been a hallmark of 2023, which has provided us with another critical lesson in why we don't market time.

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