Trading Skills

Trading is different from investing, usually focused on more short-term movements in markets. Learn the essentials you'll need to know to be a successful trader.
Asset management/Stethoscope on money
What Is Money Management?
Funds Management
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Absolute Return vs. Relative Return: What's the difference?
Businessmen are analyzing the investment.
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Exit strategies: A key look
Portfolio Margin
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Futures Prices Converge Upon Spot Prices
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Batting Average
Free Tools To Help You Manage Your Money
Futures Trading
Are Micro E-Mini Futures 'the Next Big Thing'?
Ultimate Trading Guide
How to Develop an Effective Trading Strategy
Day trading
An Introduction to Day Trading
Trader Definition
What Is the Left Hand Side (LHS) in a Forex Transaction?
Straddles Academy
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Best Options Trading Courses of 2022
Buying Power Definition
Illiquid Definition
Understanding Investors
What Is Liquidity?
What Is Notional Value?
Short Squeeze
Trading in the Pre- and Post-Market Sessions
Spot Rate
Spot Market
Know Your Shareholder Rights
Average Daily Trading Volume - ADTV Definition
What Is a Breakeven Point (BEP)?
Proprietary Trading Definition
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Shareholder Activist
Short Covering Definition
How Big Is a Tick Size?
Underlying Asset Definition
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The Difference Between a Drawdown in Banking vs. a Drawdown in Trading
Cross Trade Definition
Understanding Delivered Ex Ship (DES) and its Requirements
Slippage Definition
Close Position Definition
Sinking Fund Method Definition
Trade Signal Definition
How to Pick a Stock: Basic Best Practices for New Investors
What Is Notional Principal Amount?
What Is Price Discovery?
Midsection Businessmen Analyzing Charts On Laptop In Office
Securities Market Structures: An Introduction
What Is a Break-Even Price?
The Myth of Profit/Loss Ratios
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Schaff Trend: A Faster And More Accurate Indicator
Ex-Ante Definition
Speculator Definition
Spot Price Definition
Tick Definition
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The Core Role of a Central Counterparty Clearing House—CCP
What Does Thinly Traded Mean?